Get Idea—–Sorry I cant …

Whats it with Abhishek Bachchan and silly ads??? Is someone gonna tell him that licking fingers for the sake of an ad doesn’t really look or sound decent… What happened to “What an idea SirJee” ads which really clicked with public and had a good brand recall. Now-a- days all he seems to be doing is saying “Get Idea” with an expressionless face. I am sure he doesn’t understand what he is doing either.

Today when companies are coming with all sorts of wonderful concepts, I cant seem to understand why a girl keeps cribbing “Mera hi mobile bill itna kyu aata hai kinda” stuff. Get a life guys. Agreed they are trying to focus on Mobile Bill Portability concept but none of the ads make any sense to me neither do I understand what they are actually trying to convey through the ads.

While surfing channels today, I came across another IDEA ad probably shot in a lobby of some five-star hotel. The extra in the ad did nothing except apply some white stuff on his upper lip…probably coffee. I could take it no longer. It made me cringe and change the channel. I do recall Get Idea ads now. But is it really in a positive way? I don’t think so. I’d rather prefer a simple banner ad which conveys the message better. I really do miss the Abhishek Bachchan who did a funny gig for the very funny “Appidi Podu” Motorola ad or hard hitting “What an Idea Sirjee” language no barrier ad.

My final take on the “Get Idea” ads? Please change the concept before people like me start hating the brand. Go get a better idea Sirjee.


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