Monthly Archives: April 2011

Silent National Anthem

There are certain events in everybody’s life which would leave a deep impression or alter the thinking process and attitudes. It gives a new perspective to life and awakens us from our slumber to show us the beauty around us that we have been missing in our quest for more money, more fame and more everything else


I saw this video on facebook shared by a friend and the first thing that hit me … Differently abled kids who go through a lot to be able to live like you and me. They must not be finding it that easy. Inspite of all of this, look at the passion at which they are trying to sing the National Anthem in their own way, after learning the whole sign language. None of the kids showing any signs of sadness, but brimming with confidence as they go through their silent national anthem their own way. Commendable work.Their passion to life is shown by the very fact that they want to go school everyday to learn and to lead a normal life.They are preparing themselves to face the world as they grow and prove themselves worthy and be self independent.


The second thing that came to my mind:Today everyone seem to be always stressful with jobs, businesses, unreachable targets, personal goals and the list goes on. But if you really see those kids whose lives would probably be more difficult than us, they still have the spirit to get ahead with life. They try to mix with us and live like us by getting into schools and learn though the method of teaching would be different. But are we trying to extend some help. ok leave that. Are we able to learn something from them.

The video today has made me realise that what we think are difficulties  are actually not difficulties. As long as you are healthy, fit a nice family to take care,you should be able to deal with  various issues like stress.Why cant i be like those kids, singing happily, forgetting all problems and learn their determination. So this is what a group of physically challenged kids taught me today. I will be happy if atleast another person finds something useful after reading all this. Comments and suggestions are always welcome