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Ok this video doesn’t make sense

The first time I watched this interview, I had to watch it a second time to make sure I wasn’t misunderstanding the whole thing. Then I wondered if it was a prank or a joke of some kind. I am still in shock at the creativity of this guy. 😛 Please watch it and you will understand what I am talking about. I don’t want to take away from the beauty of the video or spoil the surprise. Just go ahead and watch it. And yes, please do leave your comment!!!!!!

PS: The guy getting interviewed here is former IT commissioner.






Dear Steve Jobs…..

This blog is just a result of random thoughts after reading various blogs and trying to understand different perspectives. When I got to know that you were quitting Apple, it was an emotional moment for me. I am not a techie. I really dont understand products and depth. But as an everyday user, I can say this. I have always loved the sleek and stylish products from Apple. Right from various Macs to the latest iPads and ofcourse..who can forget iPods. I have always wanted to own them. But then they are out of my budget. But then, isnt that the price one pays for exclusivity?? I havent seen a single person yet who doesnt admire the sleek and stylish Apple products (Then again I cant talk about the technicalities). My Twitter timeline has been flooded with people posting different messages. Some admiring you…others saying all the products from your stable didnt work. But I guess none of them will be really able to be as dynamic as you in helping create a name that is now a household name. I have really admired the way in which you handled yourself through your health conditions. And when the time came you have quietly stepped down. No drama no nonsense. Will Apple continue to be the way it is till now? Only time can answer that question. But till then, I will hope and pray that you get all the strength that you would need.

A normal girl.