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How you can get cheated-my experiences!!!

Two incidents within a time frame of two months in two different places is what has got me to write this blog entry. Both of them have involved playing with religious sentiments. While one of these incidents has involved my father directly, the other has taken place in the apartment complex I stay in, though I do not know the woman directly. This blog is my way of exposing how cheating can take place in the most unexpected ways. Awareness is the only way to fight such people.

The first incident happened in my home town where we own a house. Our tenant had nnintroduced a man who claimed to be a Sai Baba devotee.Our family had been a Shirdi Sai Baba devotee for years now.So, when the so called Baba came on a Thursday clad in Saffron robes, my dad could not refuse him an entry into the house. He then “stated” a few things about dad’s past, “answered” a few doubts that were in Dad’s mind and made a few “future predictions”, most of which were true. I still wonder how he got some of those facts right. My thinking is he must have done a little asking around and some more were common sense. I will never know for sure. After all this discussion, he gave Dad a small coin that had Sai Baba’s image on it and asked for 5000 bucks straight away. My dad somehow came to his senses, refused to give the money saying that he would give the money when the rest of the”predictions” would come true and sent him away after giving a customary 116 bucks after the man claimed they were doing some pujas and feeding hungry people. Later we came to know that even the tenant had to shell out a lesser amount as they were financially week and could not afford much. We have never seen the man again since that incident.

Today, the day I am writing this post, happens to be Kartheeka Pournami, an auspicious day for Hindus where we fast and make offerings to God.A lady who claimed to be an unmarried woman came to our house. She said she was doing “special pujas” on this day in order to be able to get married soon. She said she was collecting funds from all the houses near the temple to perform the pujas. We gave her a nominal amount, unable to refuse as it was an auspicious day, and sent her away. What we came to know later on shocked me and made me thank my stars for being lucky enough. Apparently, the lady had cheated another woman who was staying alone of 20,000 bucks. She claimed to get rid of the woman and the house of any evil eye. She asked the woman to tie all the money she had in her possession into a bag, did some rituals with the bag,asked her to open the bag in the evening and disappeared. Later on it was found that the lady had made off with all the money in the bag. This might be a one – off incident and the woman who lost her money might have acted naive but it goes to show that anything might happen. People have their own way of playing mind-games with our sentiments.

The best way to deal with the is being aware. Being aware is being armed. Alertness at all times, educating people around us and being constantly careful is the only way of dealing with these people.

DISCLAIMER: This blog entry is purely meant to spread awareness and not hurt any sentiments. It is a story of my personal experiences, what I have seen.  If you are commenting on this article, please make sure your comments do not hurt anybody’s feelings or sentiments


Ok this video doesn’t make sense

The first time I watched this interview, I had to watch it a second time to make sure I wasn’t misunderstanding the whole thing. Then I wondered if it was a prank or a joke of some kind. I am still in shock at the creativity of this guy. 😛 Please watch it and you will understand what I am talking about. I don’t want to take away from the beauty of the video or spoil the surprise. Just go ahead and watch it. And yes, please do leave your comment!!!!!!

PS: The guy getting interviewed here is former IT commissioner.





Dear Steve Jobs…..

This blog is just a result of random thoughts after reading various blogs and trying to understand different perspectives. When I got to know that you were quitting Apple, it was an emotional moment for me. I am not a techie. I really dont understand products and depth. But as an everyday user, I can say this. I have always loved the sleek and stylish products from Apple. Right from various Macs to the latest iPads and ofcourse..who can forget iPods. I have always wanted to own them. But then they are out of my budget. But then, isnt that the price one pays for exclusivity?? I havent seen a single person yet who doesnt admire the sleek and stylish Apple products (Then again I cant talk about the technicalities). My Twitter timeline has been flooded with people posting different messages. Some admiring you…others saying all the products from your stable didnt work. But I guess none of them will be really able to be as dynamic as you in helping create a name that is now a household name. I have really admired the way in which you handled yourself through your health conditions. And when the time came you have quietly stepped down. No drama no nonsense. Will Apple continue to be the way it is till now? Only time can answer that question. But till then, I will hope and pray that you get all the strength that you would need.

A normal girl.

Silent National Anthem

There are certain events in everybody’s life which would leave a deep impression or alter the thinking process and attitudes. It gives a new perspective to life and awakens us from our slumber to show us the beauty around us that we have been missing in our quest for more money, more fame and more everything else


I saw this video on facebook shared by a friend and the first thing that hit me … Differently abled kids who go through a lot to be able to live like you and me. They must not be finding it that easy. Inspite of all of this, look at the passion at which they are trying to sing the National Anthem in their own way, after learning the whole sign language. None of the kids showing any signs of sadness, but brimming with confidence as they go through their silent national anthem their own way. Commendable work.Their passion to life is shown by the very fact that they want to go school everyday to learn and to lead a normal life.They are preparing themselves to face the world as they grow and prove themselves worthy and be self independent.


The second thing that came to my mind:Today everyone seem to be always stressful with jobs, businesses, unreachable targets, personal goals and the list goes on. But if you really see those kids whose lives would probably be more difficult than us, they still have the spirit to get ahead with life. They try to mix with us and live like us by getting into schools and learn though the method of teaching would be different. But are we trying to extend some help. ok leave that. Are we able to learn something from them.

The video today has made me realise that what we think are difficulties  are actually not difficulties. As long as you are healthy, fit a nice family to take care,you should be able to deal with  various issues like stress.Why cant i be like those kids, singing happily, forgetting all problems and learn their determination. So this is what a group of physically challenged kids taught me today. I will be happy if atleast another person finds something useful after reading all this. Comments and suggestions are always welcome

Get Idea—–Sorry I cant …

Whats it with Abhishek Bachchan and silly ads??? Is someone gonna tell him that licking fingers for the sake of an ad doesn’t really look or sound decent… What happened to “What an idea SirJee” ads which really clicked with public and had a good brand recall. Now-a- days all he seems to be doing is saying “Get Idea” with an expressionless face. I am sure he doesn’t understand what he is doing either.

Today when companies are coming with all sorts of wonderful concepts, I cant seem to understand why a girl keeps cribbing “Mera hi mobile bill itna kyu aata hai kinda” stuff. Get a life guys. Agreed they are trying to focus on Mobile Bill Portability concept but none of the ads make any sense to me neither do I understand what they are actually trying to convey through the ads.

While surfing channels today, I came across another IDEA ad probably shot in a lobby of some five-star hotel. The extra in the ad did nothing except apply some white stuff on his upper lip…probably coffee. I could take it no longer. It made me cringe and change the channel. I do recall Get Idea ads now. But is it really in a positive way? I don’t think so. I’d rather prefer a simple banner ad which conveys the message better. I really do miss the Abhishek Bachchan who did a funny gig for the very funny “Appidi Podu” Motorola ad or hard hitting “What an Idea Sirjee” language no barrier ad.

My final take on the “Get Idea” ads? Please change the concept before people like me start hating the brand. Go get a better idea Sirjee.